Group Bandwidth limitation clarification

Is the group bandwidth limitation applied dynamically? Is this rule applied always, or only when concurrent connections occur?
For instance, say I have assigned 50% to managers, 30% to staff, 20% to guest.
If no users in the first two groups are connected, how much bandwidth will be available to guest? 20% regardless the fact no usage in Manager and staff groups?

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The limitation will be applied when the WAN is congested, for example:
assume WAN bandwidth is 100Mbps, 50% to managers, 30% to staff, 20% guest

  • If there is only staff traffic, staff can get 100% (100Mbps).
  • If manager group currently is consuming 10Mbps, staff is consuming 20Mbps, guest is consuming 40Mbps, there is no slow down in each group because WAN is able to handle total throughput (10 + 20 + 40 = 70Mbps).
  • If only staff and manager traffic and staff traffic is 30Mbps+, and total throughput is close to 100Mbps, manager will get at least 50% and at most 70% bandwidth (because 30% is reserved to staff).
  • If total throughput of manager + staff + guest is close to 100Mbps, manager get 50Mbps, staff get 30Mbps, guest get 20Mbps.

Great clarification, helps a lot thanks! And great algorithm from Peplink!

So if you do not assigned staff group, the other two groups are using 100% to share if setting “Manager 15%” and “Guest 80%” the system are using 5% anyway if you not assigned that group?

Hi Platon,

This is similar to point 3: Manager get at least 15% and at most 20%, Guest get at least 80% and at most 85%. Total of Manager + Guest is 100%. That is only applicable if Guest is really consuming 80%+ bandwidth, If Guest only consume 30% bandwidth, Manager can get the rest 70%.

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how does the Peplink router know how much bandwidth it has? I can enter download/upload bandwidth values ​​in the WAN settings of a DSL line, but not with an LTE line. This speed (LTE) is also constantly changing.
Does the router notice when the bonded line is at the limit? Only then could he divide the speed according to manager, staff and guest.
Or does it work differently?


See this answer.

Of course, this is not satisfactory because, as you pointed out, cellular bandwidth is highly variable, especially on a moving vehicle.