Band Steering - Prefer vs Force

What is the difference between the options Prefer and Force in AP > SSID name > ? > SSID advanced settings > Band Steering?

The manual reads:

“Band steering allows the Peplink Balance to steer AP clients from the 2.4 GHz band to the 5GHz band for better usage of bandwidth. To make steering mandatory, select Enforce. To cause the Peplink Balance to preferentially choose steering, select Prefer. The default for this setting is Disable.”
How does the Balance AP controller “preferentially choose steering”? Is this based on radio congestion, traffic load, client capacity, something else? What is the metric used to determine preference?


We always force client to connect to 5GHz no matter how hard it retries to connect 2.4GHz.

Prefer means we allow the client to join 2.4GHz if it keeps retrying.

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Thanks for the reply and explanation TK.

Hi, How do i hard enable to force band steering from incontrol, there is no option to do it.

2/3 of the options from the AP radio options are missing from incontrol, and incontrol removes the option screen so we cant manualy set anything

is there any way to enable these, even maybe through batch command sending?

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I am too looking for an option to enable band steering on my AP AC One Minis via Incontrol2.

We target to support the band steering in InControl2 in Q2, 2021.

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Good news, thank you!