BalanceOne - Block Youtube Not Google Drive

I’m trying to block (or at least the videos from loading). However, when we set an Access Rule to deny or, it also prevents Google Drive from loading. It seems they’re the same servers. Is it possible to block videos through the router?


Blocking Youtube is complicated since it involved multiple domains. You will having false positive by having incorrect rules.

The effective way is using content filtering which available in the market.

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Sorry, what do you mean by content filtering in the market?

Web blocking / filtering is a comprehensive technology challenge. Although we have web blocking features on the balance these are limited in comparison to dedicated 3rd party web filters. TK is suggesting that if you need more comprehensive filtering that you consider a 3rd party product for that requirement.

Naturally our technology (and so development focus) is on WAN Virtualization and our SpeedFusion VPN Bonding technology, its what we are best at, and where we can add often unique and powerful capabilities and value. Saying that, we have also included basic web blocking on our devices. This web blocking uses Deep packet Inspection on unencrypted traffic (so http and not https) and although it works and can often be useful on specific use cases, it isn’t always the best fit for more advanced web blocking and filtering requirements.

For example. You can block by adding the following domains, and in the web ui. However https:/ will still be accessible by your LAN clients as we can’t see inside of https encrypted traffic with our current DPI technology. This ability to inspect all traffic is something more advanced web filters can do.

I have used a number of 3rd party web filtering technologies in the past within Peplink based networks (single and multi-site deployments), and there is obviously a massive choice and range of solutions out there depending on your requirements and budget.

If you want somewhere to start, take a look at Untangle which is at the lower end from a budget perspective, but very capable, and also Bloxx. I have also heard only good things about Smoothwalls current offering their secure web gateway.

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