Balance DSL integrationg

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A customer of ours has a Balance with a DSL connection going through a Fritzbox modem.
His question is if he can connect the DSL to the balance without a modem between the connection.
Is the Balance DSL integrated or still not ?

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No. The B1 does not have a DSL modem.

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Do you have an idea of when the Balance will be integrated with an DSL model or other models?

Hi. We’ll have to ask Peplink that question. My guess (and nothing more than that) is that it’s rather unlikely.

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While it doesn’t have a DSL modem built in, it does have the PPOe client, so you can configure your DSL modem in bridge mode – a quick google search found these instructions…!box/how-do-i-configure-my-fritzbox-in-bridge-mode.html

You can also use the “management IP address” setting to enable communicating with the modem that is in bridge mode.

I use this setup for my DSL connection and it works quite well. Basically, the DSL modem just acts as a bridge for converting ethernet to phone line.


Thank you for your answer, but the customer wants a direct connection from the DSL to the Balance without a modem between the connection. Unfortunately

thank you for the answer. If you could do that that would be very kind of you.

@jmjones gave you a very complete answer. We have always done it exactly the way he describes. Set the model to bridge mode and do the PPOE log-in via the Peplink UI.

My opinion only: I don’t think Peplink would (or would be well-advised to) build a DSL modem into their routers. But, we’ll let a Company employee speak to that issue.

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Hello @FaycalKerroue,
To add to @jmjones & @Rick-DC, we have shared a detailed post on how we work with ADSL/VDSL in Australia.

We too have looked into this with Peplink/Pepwave and there currently is not enough demand for the integration of ADSL/VDSL into a Peplink/Pepwave router.

If an ISP was to put a request through for several hundreds of units, then the situation may change, though most ISPs already have arrangement with a manufacture as the ISP wants to have control of the modem they supply the customers, often using protocols like TR-069.

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Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi Marcus,

I am Australia and configuring a B380 with the Vigor 130, great post on the setup for the Vigor and I’ve followed those steps but it won’t connect. Can you please advise the WAN settings for the peplink? We are on APPT (provided by TPG) on NBN VDSL connection. Thanks, Nick