Balance 380 Temperature

Isn’t this temp high for a Balance 380 barely being utilized? Could this reading be wrong? Running firmware 7.1
Fan Speed: 7714 rpm
Temperature: 50.0 °C / 122.0 °F

This is my device and I don’t see any problem here. :wink:

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Thanks for confirming it, But this may be a glitch in the reading. The temperature is just too high for normal behavior. 122.0 F and parts should start frying like chicken :smile:

The temp reading is of the CPU - the actual enclosure will feel cooler. Most x86 processors run in that sort of range (44-55°C).

Its why The Balance 210 and up are in metal enclosures (for heat dissipation) and why they have such noisy high airflow fans and are designed to be rack mounted…


Ahhh CPU temperature, then is normal, but enclosure temperature would be consider high. Thank you

hello mate,
do you think this is ok? around 59C?
it very hot at the moment in Sydney.


Yeah looks ok to me. I’d add some fans / cooling before it went over 65…

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