Balance 305 throughput PPPOE


I recently bought a Balance 305 HW2 for the 1Gb throughput. After hooking it up and setting up my WAN port, I was disappointed by the speeds I was getting.

I am subscribed to a 1Gb fiber connection and I have confirmed that I get (~850Mb down / ~850Mb up) with a Balance 710. (PPPOE)

Using the Balance 305, I only get ~300Mb down / ~800Mb up (PPPOE)

I am not sure if this is a PPPOE limitation.

Any thoughts or solutions??



Same here
It look like ALL Balance slow down when connect to PPPoE
My Balance One only get around 150Mbps MAX
and My Balance 305 HW2 only get around 300Mb as you mention
with those speed Balance CPU will hit 100%
and everything going to slowdown


I have gotten assurances that the upcoming firmware addresses this issue.

Looking forward to it.