Balance 30 - Way to actually throttle/limit bandwidth?

We purchased a Balance 30 for our office, and it’s been working great, but we’ve realized a small issue. We have a T1 and a cablemodem plugged into it, and if we put more than 1mbps of traffic on the T1 at any time, it starts to drop packets/pings. I’ve entered 900kbps into the Balance 30’s settings for the T1 connection, but that doesn’t seem to actually limit the speed (I’m guessing it uses those numbers for calculating what connection has more “available” bandwidth or something?)

Is there a way to actually limit the speed on that connection to < 1mbps?

Also, what does the “Cable/DSL Optimizations” do exactly? The help tooltip and manual aren’t very clear. Thanks.

The bandwidth setting on the WAN setup page is used by the algorithms in the Peplink for load balancing, it does not throttle or limit the actual connection speed.

Your T1 should not be dropping packets when it hits 1Mbps of traffic, you may want to open a trouble ticket with your provider. If you change your outbound policy to “Managed by Custom Rules”, you can create your own rules that will suite your needs - go ahead and try it out.

The Cable/DSL Optimization takes in to account that the DL/UL speeds are not symmetrical and provides better handling of traffic.

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