Balance 30 upgraded to 7.0.1 "System error"

I upgraded a Balance 30 last night from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1, with no sign of error. Came back this morning to behavior similar to what I was seeing on my old Balance One in April under 7.0.0, “System Error” on a white page:

If I refresh, I can get the Dashboard, but all WANs show “Status:Checking Connectivity…”

I’ll reboot and report back any recurrence.

Look like your previous case (Balance One) is related to hardware. I think both are the different cases. Please open ticket if the problem persists.


Thanks. Just thought I’d highlight the similarities in behavior and the sparse error page. I’ll open a ticket if it happens again. This unit has seen flawless operation since purchase in early 2015.