Balance 20x WIFI drops out completely at random

I’ve had this thing online for 4 days and this is the second time the WIFI drops out completely.

I had to reboot the B20x first time to restore it. I can still connect ethernet.

Its now happened again. I saw this in the logs in the AP for integrated AP:

Sep 21 09:58:35 : Transmit Power changed from 11dBm to 0dBm

20 minutes later all clients go disconnected and B20x no longer broadcasting SSIDs.

I’m running latest firmware 8.1.0 b4938

I think for now I’ll reboot into 8.0.2 but this is frustrating.

I’m outputting logs to syslog… any other logs i can look at for more info??? Event log in the UI is kinda useless.

** Update… bad.log states:

2020-09-21T09:40:26-04:00 balance- bad because of flags: 0x200(arch_1)


2020-09-21T09:40:26-04:00 balance- BUG: Bad page state in process tcptraceroute pfn:8395c


2020-09-21T09:40:26-04:00 balance- page dumped because: PAGE_FLAGS_CHECK_AT_PREP flag set

Please open ticket and submit the Diagnostic Report for us to take a closer look.


Already opened a ticket but forgot to take a diagnostic report before rebooting to 8.0.2

I’ll see what the ticket resolver recommends.