Balance 20 will not keep changes



I have a Peplink Balance 20 (Hardware Version 1) which, after a manual reset (>10 seconds hold and the status red light has gone from flashing to unlit), releases its configured IP address and admin password to the default. When I then make any changes via the webpage administration interface at, including ‘Restore Factory Settings’, and save them, I receive a confirmation that they have been saved but they are not enacted when I power down the router. I opened the router and replaced the battery, but changes still are not present after a power-down. Does anyone have any idea as to what I should do next? Thank you in advance!



Sounds like it is not able to write to the current flash. Try booting to the other firmware and that may allow you to save changes and also upgrade to newer firmware if necessary.


Thank you for your reply, Ron.

There isn’t a second firmware version on the Peplink. When I try to upgrade (or downgrade) using various firmware images (v5, v6, v7) downloaded from the Peplink site, I consistently receive an error that it is an invalid firmware image.

I was mistaken earlier: a manual reset only releases the admin password. The configured IP address does not return to the default of but rather stays at its configured one ( I have changed the IP address to manually with the browser-based administration page and then changed my computer’s IPv4 properties to be part of that network, but the Peplink always loses that IP address once I reboot it.

Does it sound like there something wrong with the SD card within the Peplink? Would it be possible for me to copy over the SD card to a different one? Would the new one need to have any specific characteristics?

If you have any ideas, please feel welcome to share them all!

Thank you,



Under System: Reboot – is there another firmware to reboot to? That would bring the Balance to the other flash where you can try saving changes again.


Hi Ron,

There is no second firmware version on the Peplink, and any attempt to upgrade fails stating that the firmware image is invalid.

What to do?!



Please open ticket for us to take a closer look.


Thank you, TK_Liew - I have followed your link and opened a ticket.