Balance 20, failover Wan to one subnet only?

Hi everyone,

I have a Balance 20 which I’m thinking about deploying in the following scenario:

Site is a guest house with about 20 guests.

There is a small admin office with up to 3 staff.

Their main internet is Telstra Cable 35/1 Mbps.

I’m considering a backup 4G Internet if I can get all of this to work.

3 things I’d like to do.

  1. I’d like to put the guests on one subnet.

    The admin staff on another.

  2. Give the Admin Staff priority, ie they always get at least 20% of the capacity.

  3. If the main Cable goes down, failover to Wireless 4G to the Admin Staff Only.

As the 4G is so expensive we don’t want the Guests to be using this Wan.

Is all of this possible?

Hi lovelyjubbly:

Thanks for your interest in our Solution! Answers inline -

  1. I’d like to put the guests on one subnet, the admin staff on another.
    –On current firmwware, the Balance 20 does support VLANs which would allow you to setup as outlined. More information can be found here

  2. Give the Admin Staff priority, ie they always get at least 20% of the capacity.
    –Current firmware allows you to setup User Groups to designate Bandwidth on the IP/User level. More info here

  3. If the main Cable goes down, failover to Wireless 4G to the Admin Staff Only.
    –Absolutely, Outbound Policy allows you to setup a number of LAN-to-Internet traffic rules a number of ways. More here

I hope this helps out!

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Thanks Jason,

Is it possible to use separate subnets rather than vlans?

Not really. You setup the VLAN with the subnet and then apply things to the LAN Port.


Jason is right VLANs are the right way forward for this as you’d want to keep the guest devices away from admin / office devices anyway. Isolating the guests in a VLAN is the best approach.

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Thanks Jason,

I’m attempting to set this up, but the link in Item 1 doesn’t seem to correspond to my Peplink 20 which is on the latest firmware.

“Go to “Network > Interfaces > LAN”

there is no “Interfaces” I go to Network>LAN and click the ? and enable VLAN.

However when I go to “Network > LAN > Port Settings” I get the following screen which is not the same as yours:

There seems to be a lot of steps missing in the instructions?

Many thanks, Martin

I thought I’d tackle Item 2 on Jason’s reply, however that doesn’t seem to work on vLans, only on Subnets or IP Addresses?

Which is why I wanted to go by subnets not vlans?

And on to Item 3 in Jason’s reply.

I see lots of algorithms but none that would do the following:

  1. Normal operation, WAN1 is up and all users receive the internet.

  2. WAN1 goes down, 4G connects. Only Staff get internet, no-one else gets anything.

So if Guests are on LAN1 and Staff are on LAN2, only LAN2 gets the 4G feed.

Hello @lovelyjubbly,
We have had great success here in Australia doing similar things to what you are asking.

Here is a snapshot of the out bound policy at one site

The way we keep the separate SSIDs working is to use VLANs, each VLAN has its own subnet and inter VLAN router is customised depending on the customer requirements. This rule succeeds to block the Wi-Fi from accessing the customers backup LTE as the Source network matches the VLANs subnet assigned to the Guest Wi-Fi

You may like to have a look at this previous thread

Also there is a guide here that may be useful

If you are still having issues, PM us your contact details and supplier, we will help get this sorted for you with the local team.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks midowling,

I’m struggling with the whole vlan/subnet thing, I have to admit :frowning:

It’s really simple what I want to do, but I can’t see my way through it at the moment.

I’m more familiar with Sophos SG devices which have much easier separation of subnets across bridged ports.

This is what I’d like to end up with:

LAN Ports 1 to 3, all on the same subnet/vlan. These ports will be connected to unmanaged switches.

This range will be for Staff.

LAN Port 4 for connection to a Luxul Wireless device:

This looks after the Guests.

WAN1 is Telstra Cable. USB is Telstra 4G.

So if WAN1 goes down only LAN Ports 1 to 3 get the Telstra 4G.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m in Sydney as well!