B One - Impressive Capability with Incredible Value

It looks similar, but it feels impressively different.

It has the best parts of our beloved SOHO and SMB routers, and more.

Designed for Fixed Wireless Access, equipped with features for Starlink integration, the B One brings the most up-to-date technology to your home and office instantly.

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nice! i think this will be a hit and fair price point!

Don’t see this an upgrade to the B20X since it’s lacking a cellular modem. But it is nice that VPN throughput has been increased as well as the move to WiFi 6.

Hopefully the start of some new hardware. Would be nice to see a Balance 3 with 2.5GB ports, speedier throughput, and (gasp) WiFi 7 now that it is 100% certified.

Question: It supports four WAN connections, 2 Ethernet, Wifi as WAN, and USB. How many of these can be concurrently active?

Specs here
https://www.peplink.com/products/b-one/ B One
says: 128-bit WEP WPA & WPA 2.

Does it really still support WEP?
Surely the omission of WPA3 is a mistake. No?

Was ETA mentioned?

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The web page for the B-One

and the data sheet both list Feature Add-ons. Neither says anything about $20 to add an OpenVPN client. Is this still an option?

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Michael - you are correct. Someone must have pasted old info here. We will update accordingly very soon.

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Looks like there’s plenty of meat on this BOne.

all of them… don’t forget WAN-on-VLAN (its a Primecare device so it should have this) and Synergy mode…

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Hello Michael, thank for your feedback. B One supports WPA, WPA2 and WPA3 for Wi-Fi security.
We have updated the relevant materials. Thanks.

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Anyone know what the Primecare category / yearly cost will be for the B One?

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Hi. It’s in category “A.” Pretty reasonable cost. If you decide to go that route let me know – we can sharpen our pencils on price. - Rick


I seem to recall Peplink once sent me an e-mail advertising a trade in program for a particular router model. … Any chance there would be an option to trade in my Balance 20X for the B One? It looks like the B One has similar performance to the B20X, but instead of a cellular modem and GPS (neither of which I’ll ever use) it has improved Wi-Fi (which I would benefit from) and it includes WiFi-as-WAN (which I miss from my old SOHO MK3).

Edit: I got the Balance 20X (BPL-021X-LTEA-US-T-PRM) direct from Peplink less than 1 year ago.

how many sessions ?

Hi @PepeLeDrew . We have not been made aware of such a program.

About OpenVPN: The new web page for the B One says nothing about OpenVPN.
The new User Manual (page 94 of current PDF) saysthat OpenVPN is for site to site use only. Then it talks about Profiles without saying if these are site to site, server or client profiles.

So what is reality? Can the B One be an OpenVPN server? client?

And, why does this happen? It takes me seconds to find this stuff and I am far from an expert. Oh, and page 2 of the User Manual, the ToC, has an obvious error. Page 2.

Hi Michael,
In a nutshell, B One can serve as both OpenVPN Server and Client.
If you want to set up a Open VPN server,
Go WebAdmin >> Advanced Tab >> Remote User Access Settings

The B One user manual page OpenVPN section describes how you connect to a OpenVPN server as a client. You will need to obtain the profile from the service provider to form this site-to-site tunnel.

If you want to utilize outbound policy with OpenVPN (Better control of internet traffic), you can buy the OpenVPN Activation Licence as well.


Is the OpenVPN client an extra-cost item with the B One, as it was with the Surf SOHO? I did not see it listed as an optional add-on.
The forum link is about OpenVPN WAN. But it does not explain what that is. Is OpenVPN WAN a VPN server, VPN client or site-to-site VPN or something else? And, is it part of the base functionality or an optional add-on? I feel like reading a book having started at chapter 2.

Manual page 121 mentions KVM (topic 18). Is the B One router able to run virtual machines?

FYI: In the QoS section of the manual (page 122) it is missing the option to group by client type.