B One: How's the range, compared to the Soho MK3?

I’m using a SOHO MK3 and it barely covers my space (2.4Ghz band). I’d like to upgrade to the B One for throughput, but am concerned whether it will have sufficient range on the 2.4Ghz band – does anyone have a sense of that?

My priority is having a solid, stable connection, as opposed to blazing fast speeds.

Thanks to anyone who might know…

Hi @A_Mandel . I can only offer some experience. We have not done formal tests and controlled for exogenous variables. However, I can say we have sold several B-Ones to customers who replaced their SOHOs and have heard no complaints. Twice I took a look at the client signal strengths reported by both routers and they’re in the same “ballpark.” Personally? I’d run rather than walk to your friendly local Peplink Partner and get one (… or send me an e-mail and I’ll give you a quote if you are in the USA. :smiley:) - Rick

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