AWS tunnel state You have new non-redundant VPN connections Best Practices

I have setup a simple AWS Site-to-Site VPN with the client Peplink IPsec VPN.

AWS is giving me this message : “You have new non-redundant VPN connections”, and looking up my IPsec VPN tunnels on AWS console confirm this : One is up and one is down.

I see on the Peplink that the “Remote Gateway IP Address / Host Name” with the Secondary site option enabled is only using the first IP Address, and not both at the same time.

What is the best practice to make this works? or how did you made this work?
Is it to make two IPsec VPNs one for each tunnel? (Then how do you route with both VPN’s having the same routes?)

Product used : Peplink Balance One, firmware 8.0.2

Thanks for your insights.

Follow up, by myself if you have the need, support told me to try PepVPN with FusionHub.

See guide here : Deploying Peplink FusionHub at AWS Marketplace