AT&t SIM issues with 5G

Has anyone having trouble with the AT&t sims on The MAX Transit 5G. If so please respond


I just switched over from a MAX Transit cat 18 to the cat 25g and I’m wondering if my AT&t SIM IMEI number needs to be transferred to have the new IMEI number

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I am, Transit 5G, signed up for the 100GB plan. I’m able to “connect” after manually setting the APN, but it still won’t pass traffic.

Working fine on VZW and T-Mobile, though.

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same here an i changed the imei number and still didnt work


After many hours with the absolutely awful Prepaid support, I think they’re just not allowing the device. I do connect at 3G, I get an IP, but nothing flows through that link.

Looks like we might have to wait for certification? I HOPE that’s it, anyway.

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I’m having trouble getting my speed fusion licenses

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My AT&T Sim didn’t seem like like my Max Transit but it works on my HD1.

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Just curious – how do you change your IMEI number?

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In thinking this might be a certification issue, I opened a ticket (21041068) with Peplink support. Here is a snipped of the response:

“In speaking to a colleague in that department, she let me know that the certification for the Transit 5G should happen in the next two weeks.”

I’m going to be a bit patient here, and see what happens post-certification.


did any one purchase the 5g from mobile must have??

if so did they give you any run arounnd about the speed fusion activation keys???

@jcaruso6 can you clarify if you are having trouble using SpeedFusion cloud or setting up a SpeedFusion Hub or something else? A screenshot of what you are trying to do might help. Also your exact model number would help. Thanks!

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I’m trying to Simply activate my free trial that I got with a new purchase this is part of the email that was sent from mobile must have to me earlier today

Hi Joey,

Thank you for your interest in our hosted FusionHub (SpeedFusion bonding) cloud product at Before we get started I want to make a few things clear and set expectations before we proceed so that everyone is 100% happy with the outcomes here. First, this is a beta program and is provided as is to our customers who understand that we are not available to provide advanced network routing and troubleshooting at this time. We charge $99.00 one time for the setup of the service and $39.99 per month for the hosting of the cloud-based Speedfusion which we host in Amazon’s AWS cloud

help understanding whats going on wiould be much appreciated

On your local device if you go to … Status (Top Menu) → Device (Left Menu) → Do you have this option…

ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 30 21.51

I think MobileMustHave might be trying to sell you their own cloud rather than Peplink’s generic offering.

I personally use my own SpeedFusion Hub hosted at Vultr for $5 a month, so I may be limited help in troubleshooting, but there are plenty of folks here in the forums using the official cloud offering from Peplink.

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I think I figured it out I had to go in and then do everything manually. For some reason it didn’t recognize that I got a new router to activate

I’m still very new and very green to all of this I’m trying to learn as fast as much as I can

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I also have a Transit 5G and just purchased the AT&T Prepaid 100GB plan. SIM is activated for the pepwave IMEI. No connection, tried a couple different APN’s, “enhancedphone” just kept spinning but no data.

Any update on the 5g being certified?

P.S. found this link
does not look like the transit 5g is listed?

Thank you

this is exactly the situation I’m dealing with. I’m being patient for another week or two as the certification process moves forward. One of the pains of being an early adopter; they don’t call it “bleeding edge” for nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

@Brad_Benz I submitted a ticket as well, (squeaky wheel). Received the same response. Should be certified in a week.

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Any status updates on AT&t and 5G