AT&t SIM issues with 5G

I asked for an update on my ticket, received this response.

Nothing yet, but I will surely let you know. I did add you to my reminder’s list, so no worries.
I have instructed the Certifications Team to let me know the moment the device becomes certified.

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I applied the Max Transit 5G centric update to 8.1.2, I’ll try my AT&T SIM (100Gb pre-paid) a bit later today and report back.

So far I’ve verified 5G with T-Mobile (100Gb, 55/month plan) and now Verizon (30Gb Tablet plan add-on to my phone account)

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so far i have gotten no help from peplink i ahve submitted several tickets about this issue and no1 has help me with anything. Peplink is letting me down with lack of urgency they are showing about this issue

This is FAR more a carrier issue than a Peplink issue. Verizon and T-Mobile both work at 5G.

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I found a clever little work-around, albeit a non-practical one for most folks. I picked up a Nighthawk Pro 5G hotspot, and the AT&T SIM connects just fine, at 5G with it. I used the LAN connection from the hotspot, wired it to the WAN connection of my Transit 5G, and poof, working like a champ :slight_smile:

I’m also able to connect at 5G on AT&T with a SIM on a different plan directly from the Transit 5G. So it’s something particular with the pre-paid 100Gb plan that is preventing connection…

nice i also have a post paid acc with att im going to see if that works

well mobile must have had me go back to firmware 8.1.1 so if att would work on that but now i get this

so i have no idea whats going on with me unit side note at the is a Tmoible sim and ATT sim

@jcaruso6, look like the cellular WAN was connected to 5G after you upgrade with the provided firmware from the ticket.

The Transit 5G is still not certified with AT&T? I was originally told it would be certified in a week and it has been a month.

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My Transit 5g is working fine with an AT&T POST-PAID SIM, but not a pre-paid.

@Brad_Benz Are you getting a 5G connection?

I do! It’s LTE today but I’m in a different anchorage in a less-dense area so this is not a surprise. I’ve been getting 5G connections on all carriers for which I have SIMs (VZW, TMO, ATT). Well, expect for the AT&T pre-paid.

Thanks Brad, Tried the pre-paid sim again, still just spins. :frowning:

Are you getting data?

Not sure what we’re looking at here; the conversation is in regards to AT&T pre-paid with Peplink hardware, not a phone.

I am at art right now and just found out that all prepaid data will NOT give you 5G service only postpaid plans will give you 5G

AT&T website for pre-paid data plans clearly states 5G.

@Brad_Benz Have you received an update on your ticket? I have not, we are approaching 2 months waiting on certification.