Are firmware updates free for life

Hello! I have a Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 and also a BR1 MINI. Are firmware updates free for life or will they be subscription based at some time? I want to understand what comes with my unit and expectations going forward and what is subscription based and limited in use.

Hello @NealC ,
What is your definition of “Free for Life”?
Firmware is currently made available for all current and many past models. The older the models are less likely to support the latest firmware due to the age of the technology and that is common with all manufacturers. Peplink uses to require a licence key for firmware upgrades, though this is no longer the case.
That said, all business have the right to change policy over time, based on our experiences with Peplink you can expect the current support from Peplink remains the same for a new version of the firmware. So if you buy something this year, you should be good with that purchase for some time to come.
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Unlike one of the competitors, Peplink’s Firmware policy is currently;
“Firmware Upgrade Policy.
Peplink consistently releases new firmware to increase the functionality of your Peplink hardware. These added features are free of charge to selected hardware
To download a new firmware, a customer should create an account on Peplink website and visit the Download section.”

Please also refer to this link regarding when Peplink changed their policy (old policy was in warranty devices got firmware upgrades - this was changed to all supported hardware version get upgrades in June 2015)


Thank you. I wanted to confirm firmware updates are free and not tied to a subscription as a competing vendor is starting to do. I refer quite a few people to Pepwave for RV use and want to know the facts to be able to advise them of the best product for their needs.