AP One Firmware 3.6.2 / 3.7.3 / 3.8.1 Now in GA

AP One Firmware 3.6.2 / 3.7.3 / 3.8.1 is now ready for production environments.

To get yours, simply head over to Firmware download page and download for your device. Alternatively, you can update via InControl 2 Firmware Management.

Firmware Version Release Notes
3.6.2 PDF
3.7.3 PDF
3.8.1 PDF

My AP AC One Mini’s with the HW2 revision won’t install the 3.73 firmware. The new version shows up in the web interface, downloads and appears to install but when the AP comes back online it reports ver 3.72 is installed. Manually uploading yeilds same results. I’ve tried this with the same result on two AP AC One Mini’s so far - no luck. The AP Controller is a Transit Duo with ver 8.10 fw. Suggestions?

Did you previously set the firmware via IC2? If so, you are likely upgrading and then downgrading after IC2 sees you are on a different firmware version.

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That’s what it was. I set the firmware version on the Transit Duo to “none”, the firmware installed and I was able to create a mesh. Thank you!

Hello @Lai & @Travis,
When will the AP PRO range get a firmware update to bring them in line with everything else?

This is what most fo our customers are currently on:

Model Pepwave AP Pro Duo
Product Code APP-AGN2
Hardware Revision 1
Firmware 3.5.5s1 build 1904

(Note on Special Release of Firmware, Patched “a 3.5.5 firmware bug which does not report a valid channel number to IC2 when it is configured to use auto channel” (08 Nov 2019)).

We have noticed that this above model has been removed from Peplink’s website, has support reached the end of life for the model?

Also, the firmware versions for the Peplink|Pepwave routers/modem are all kept at a uniform number, why with the Pepwave WAPs is this not also the case?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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