AP One AC Mini missing in Controller Status--Firmware 3.7.0?

We’ve been trying a number of things to get this one AP One Mini to cooperate. We have two of them purchased at different times; the older one is working normally (firmware 3.5.3s14 build 1632) but the other AP (firmware 3.7.0s006 build 1015) only shows up on InControl and will not allow the Balance One to manage it.

Tried both using Permitted AP with Any and Approved List–copied and pasted the serial number from the AP’s web interface. Tried putting a different version of the firmware on it but it reports invalid firmware. I did confirm 3 times that what we have is in fact an AP One AC Mini.

We’ve looked online and cannot find any reference to that version (firmware 3.7.0s006 build 1015) on the AP One AC Mini and suspect that is the issue.

Your new AC Mini is Hw2 and the old one is Hw1. The solution has been provided in the thread below.

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