Allow organization-wide IC2 settings for "LAN Network Setting Profiles"

An IC2 organization subdivided into groups. One of the components of being within one organization is a shared (private) IP address naming scheme, many of the names pointing to private IP addresses (the latter being feasible since we have organization-wide SpeedFusion connectivity and architectures).

Maintaining a consistent DNS name → IP address scheme across routers and organizations can become tedious and error-prone.

Feature request:
To allow organization-wide IC2 deployment of LAN Network Setting Profiles, employing the same tagging identification scheme.

By analogy: We already have organization-wide SpeedFusion deployment crossing group boundaries.




I agree, that is part of my request here as well: More in control options at organisation level

This would also be another way of potentially solving this, with domain-based conditional DNS down a tunnel: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

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I gave your posting on the topic a hearty YAY!

With the functionality now available at the group level, it was time for another push for the next level.

The DNS-based solution is less of a favorite for my use case, since it would require SpeedFusion active on all the routers - which has a recurring communication cost (at least).



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