Aftter firmware upgrade,the conditions of status


I want to know the conditions after firmware upgrade.All exiting conditions are lose.


Hi @Thaw_Zin_Myo,

When you upgrade the Firmware on a Peplink / Pepwave device the settings / configuration remains unaffected. However, new features will become available.

Please note, SpeedFusion tunnels will break if you upgrade a device from Firmware version 5.x.x to 6.x.x (or 7.x.x if applicable). Therefore, you will need to upgrade all of your devices to firmware 6.x.x (or 7.x.x) for the SpeedFusion tunnels to re-establish. SpeedFusion continues to work with devices running a mixture of 6.x.x and 7.x.x.




Hi @Steve.Taylor
I want to block Viber by using on Phone.How to write rule in Peplink?


Hi @Thaw_Zin_Myo,

This really depends on the device you are using. Viber isn’t something I’ve tried to block, so others here may be able to provide a better answer. However, you could try the Content Blocking feature, within the Firewall setting - I’ve added the rule below. You may need to block IP addresses as well / instead to achieve the desired result.

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I have an issue that HeadOffice and Spoke Network, in spoke (terminal) VPN appears starting but HeadOffice appears established. We check HQ and Spoke (uses the cellular network for VPN). Terminal appears starting (VPN down). How do we do for terminal downtime? The two different is TLS (Backword Compatible). HQ keep Restrict in Backword Compatible and terminal have another mode. How is it work? This is urgent…


Thaw Zin Myo


Please open a support ticket for support team to check. Make sure you provide the followings item in the support ticket for support team to start the investigation.

  1. Download Diagnostic report for the device (downloaded when you found the issue)

  2. Peplink Remote assistance service is enabled for the device.
    How to enable Remote Assistance


I don’t have that permission to open ticket and download because it is found our customer site. I only know that how is work TLS(Backword Compatible) and what is error for that. What can occur the different of Backword Compatible (HQ have restrict mode and terminal have another mode and mtu size for cellular)?


Thaw Zin Myo



The backward compatible setting only limiting the firmware version need to running for both end devices.

For your issue, please arrange with your customer to open the support ticket. Else not able to help without the requested info.


Hi @sitloongs
I want to know your email or peplink support team. I sent email to Peplink community team. But It’s not reply to me.

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Please send your request here:


I want to know pre-requirements and important facts for DC and DR project. My customer wants to do DC and DR on Peplink devices. They have SpeedFusion tunnels. How do we prepare for DC and DR?
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@Thaw_Zin_Myo, have you contacted your purchasing point (local Peplink partner)? They should able to provide better advise on preparing the DC and DR.


@TK_Liew, I didn’t contact. But I want to know knowledge about DC and DR on Peplink. Just knowledge to prepare and need things for pre-requirement.