Additional and nameable user groups


I’ve had a few customers ask for more user groups plus the ability to name them, is that possible?




Is in this regards to Bandwidth Management groups specifically?


Yes, absolutely!


Hi Rexy,

The requested feature is in the wishing list and there is no ETA at this time.

Any others looking at this also ? This may help raise the feature request priority.

Thank You


Hi Sit
We are a thumbs up for this one too.
Some times have clients who need around 5 user groups as thats what they are used to operating with on their pervious devices e.g. Krio.
Example of groups could be Owner, Guests, Crew, Business & Admin
Than You


Another +1 here.


Hi so i really like to edit / add names to user group under QoS - > user groups

In our company we have:

So we will like to name them like that. and maby add ones more groupe with it’s own name.



I have move you here for another +1 request

Thank you


This would be a valuable feature! :slight_smile:


Of course this is a need. 3-tiered QOS is woefully inadequate when Tomato has 10 tiers.


Hell yeah!


The group bandwidth reservation is a very useful feature which we are using in business and marine installs, however the limitation of the 3 groups (manager, staff and guest) is a bit limiting on some installs, we’ve had requests from customers if they could have more groups, would it be possible to increase the number of groups to control bandwidth reservation?

This would also be applicable to the individual bandwidth limit, this only (at the moment) can be applied to “staff” and “guest” again more group options would be very useful in controlling user traffic on certain installs.


It would be also nice to see on the client list in which group they are…


Hi Team,
I would second this as well. I’ve had this request more recently as well.

Jon Grote