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Using the Peplink 580, there are 3 default user groups: Manager, Staff and Guest. Is there any way to add additional user groups?

Also, is there any way to specify that a particular user group uses a particular WAN? ie, Managers use WAN 1, Staff WAN 2, etc.?

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On and off we come across needs for user-defined user group is How many user group do we need?

And yes prioritising WAN for certain user group will complete user group QoS as well.

I am moving this to Feature Request forum for further comments. Anyone else with similar needs, feel free to chime in.

Anyone else think this would be a useful feature?

I would really like to be able to create my own groups.


YES!! When I saw that you could set rules for user groups, I assumed I could create my own user groups. I was very disappointed to find out it’s limited to 3 built-in groups. Right now I would need at least 6 user groups to make it work as well as I’d like, but could easily imagine needing even more than that at a later date.

Yes, +1 to this feature request.

It is extremely limiting to have only 3 built-in User Groups and no ability to create custom user groups. In my case, I need to create at least 8-10 groups based on specific VLANs (and one based on specific MAC addresses if possible). This would help segregate VoIP traffic from guest wifi, home-office, printers, servers, admins, home users/adults and home users/minors. This would help me set different QoS and content blocking policies.

Allowing custom User Group creating based on VLANs, IPs, and MACs is an absolute necessity. I am extremely surprised that no one thought of this from the beginning. It just seems like a large architectural gap.

Apologies for dragging up an old topic, but is the limitation of 3 pre-defined user groups still there in 8.2.0? The ability to add more user groups (and rename the existing ones) is a must for us.

One can add multiple sub-nets to each group/level of QOS but there are only three of the latter. This can be seen at Network → QOS.

Thanks. But still no ability to add more? Or to be able to rename the three pre-defined groups?

I have a feature request in to allow bandwidth shaping by WAN in addition to user group. This area can use some improvement IMO.

Rename: Not so far as I as aware.
“Add more:” Groups: no. Subnets within a group: yes.

We’ve never seen a situation where more levels of bandwidth reservation were needed (although we respect those who have/do) but I’d sure like to be able to rename them to something that makes sense for our customers’ varied situations.


YES!!! I would use this TODAY if i had the option.

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Please see (and vote on):

We absolutely need the ability to add a 4th usergroup. The hardware we have is not the limiting factor, just this 3 group setting.