Accessing "Device Connector Rugged" or other routers on the WAN port?


we have a setup here with a Balance 310, and on the USB WAN Port, there is a DeviceConnectorRugged connected to give the Balance 310 also Wifi-WAN access.

Question, can the ip of the DCR put into some internal route for that USB-WAN so we can
access the WebInterface from the LAN on the Balance?

Its the same situation with a lot of cable modems for example, they have a 192.168.x.x ip address,
but sitting on the WAN side of the router. On other routers i have the option to set such IP addresses or nets for a WAN interface.


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If you are using DHCP on the B310 then this feature should allow you to manage another device on the WAN interface.

The feature is in the production release as of 8.1.2.

It is not available currently if the WAN is static.

Hi, we have Max Transit Duo and a B310 5G here. WAN is set to DHCP. In this case we wanna use the USB2Ethernet WAN, and on that WAN a Device Connector Rugged is connected to also get Wifi features into the B310 5G. But, the Device Connector is not reachable from the LAN side of the B310. Any special place or checkmark to set in the FW 8.1.2 for that?

DeviceConnectorRugged is on, and gives the USB-WAN interface on the B310 the ip