Ability to throttle certain devices/groups when on backup WAN

Per https://forum.peplink.com/t/Throttle-streaming-devices-when-on-backup-WAN

The below idea would be great if a feature can please be developed

“Is it possible to configure a peplink device so if the main WAN goes out and it starts using cellular, certain devices are throttled on that backup WAN? For example, have a 1gbps WAN connection, streaming TVs, security cameras, etc, I want the TVs and security cameras to have full use of bandwidth from the 1gbps connection, but if it goes down and uses a cellular backup, I want to throttle TVs down to say 1-2mbps each, same for security cameras. That way the bandwidth is not being eaten up but those devices still work. Once the 1gbps WAN is backup they can go back to using full bandwidth.”

To me it seems that leveraging the existing user groups and bandwidth control could perhaps be enhanced to allow things to be able to controlled depending on WAN?

I also agree with the reply in that thread that perhaps we should be allowed to be able to create more groups than just Guest/Staff/Manager.



As in my response to the linked thread I think there is quite some room for enhancement to the traffic shaping / bandwidth management side of things.

At the same time I do understand that this is not a simple ask, and there is a lot of complexity under the hood behind the relatively simple interface that Peplink provides for this feature as it stands.

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@sitloongs do you know if this was added to the roadmap?

I have had multiple folks interested in being able to control bandwidth for certain devices/groups based on WAN in use. Typical cases are when primary WAN goes down and fails over to a higher cost or limited bandwidth WAN. Certain services still need to work but shaping the bandwidth is necessary. For example, Fiber 1gbps is primary WAN, but cellular is backup/failover WAN with 10mbps available. Security cameras or other devices offloading to cloud might consume the full 10mbps (or more) normally on the 1gbps link but that would be detrimental if failover to a link with only 10mbps available.

Thank you

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+1. I would like this too. I maintain small data plans on Cellular WANs for various B20X’s I have in operations just as a backup WAN when the primary fixed cable/DSL is down. I’d love to throttle speeds down so those plans aren’t depleted before the primary WAN comes back online.


Does Peplink have an official statement on if they are even considering this as a feature? Just had this happen to me yesterday at home where our main WAN (Comcast) went down, the B20X transitioned over to T-Mobile, and we drained all the data on the T-Mobile connection within about 30 minutes. We didn’t even know we were off Comcast as the B20X is so good at keeping it seamless for the end user. It wasn’t until we realized everything on the internet was loading slow that I suspected we were on Cellular and the data bucket was emptied.

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Assuming you have the 20X under PrimeCare and have it registered to InControl2 you might want to look at setting up some alerts. All of those failure conditions you list can be alerted for so you would at least know what was happening.

as someone who deals with alerts all the time, that means you have to be glued paying attention. not an acceptable answer. actually control/action needs to be available.

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Did I say it was?

No, I did not.

I was simply stating that as one of the themes above was “we didn’t even know this had happened” that enabling some alerts might not be a bad idea, but whatever.


@Travis can you please let me know if this can be considered to add to the roadmap? thank you

Bump. Nothing? Really?

Another vote for this feature. Always nice to see Peplink engaging in these threads too.

@TK_Liew any idea if this is on the roadmap? thank you

Support this !!



Would be very beneficial - especially the part with multiple groups.

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