600 Mhz T-Mobile bands

What is the time frame for the Pepwave Max to have the 600 MHz for cellular connectivity? T-Mobile is using the 600 MHz.

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Hi Team, I know this is an old post, but is still getting brought up from time to time. Do we have any kind of a time frame on the 600MHz capability coming to Peplink?

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The soon to be released Transit Mini has 600MHz Band 71 capability on it’s embedded CAT4 modem

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Ooooooooooooooooh nice! Thanks Len

Not seeing any reference to Band 71 being utilized by the Transmit Mini.

Band specs at the bottom.

Broader question. Have Max BR Mini unit. What would it take to have it upgraded to support Band 71? Internal Modems are great but situations like this make the external ones better.


The data sheet on the Transit Mini is preliminary and does not reflect the device’s use of the Telit CAT4 module that includes band 71.