4x 1gbps internet link using Balance 580

If I have a 4x 1gbps internet link, using balance 580, is the 1.5Gbps thru put symmetric or its either max 1.5gbps download or max 1.5gbps upload? or I have to go for the higher end model?

The stated router throughput is a total.
In example, a 500/500 Mbps fiber connection would mean the Peplink Balance needs to support 1 Gbps router throughput at minimum to reach full potential.

If we’re talking about a 1/1 Gbps (1000/1000 Mbps) line in this case, my advise would be the Balance 710.
This model supports 2,5 Gbps router throughput.
You can use a Balance 580, but you will not be able to reach the full potential of your internet line.

Here’s a reply of @Tim_S at a similar forum post: