232 with splitter not working with Mini


If we come direct out of the mini’s adapter with an rj45 to db9 cable going to a gas meter it works.
If we try attaching the rj45 - db9 cable it to a Y cable to go to 2 meters it does not work. It will not work even if only 1 meter is hooked up
if that same y cable is attached to a sierra wireless device it will work going to 2 meters


Can you open a support ticket with picture of the setup so we can take closer look at it?


I am working on a picture. The device is in the woods next to a gas meter. Also note - the transmit wire on both parts of the Y have a diode to stop back feeds from one meter to the other… could that cause a problem some how


Would you able to provide more info for the Y cable that you are using ? Just suspect the issue can be related to the Null modem cable vs the straight through cable.



the cable has diodes to stop the transmit from going from one meter to the other. We use this same cable with other modems (sierra LS300, rv50, etc)

this y cable(in the picture) is connected on the ls300 because it was not working on the peplink. so y cable is working and is correctly pinned out. also, if the cable is connected to the peplink on just one meter it works. The red cable on the peplink adapter was pinned out and is correct and pins out all the way through on both y sides

we have been making and using this cable for years


Sorry a bit confuse for the information given. Would you able to provide more specific physical connection for the tested scenario ? Below are few scenarios that i would like to confirm.

Devices and Cables:

  • BR1 Mini
  • Splitter - Console Adapter
  • Y-Cable - Cable length ?
  • Red Cable - RJ45 to db9 - Cable length ?

Connection Test 1:
BR1 Mini <----> Console Adapter <—> Red Cable - RJ45 to db9 <—> Gas Meter <---------------- This work ?

Connection Test 2:
BR1 Mini <----> Console Adapter <—> Red Cable - RJ45 to db9 <—> Y-Cable <—> Gas Meter <---------------- This is not work ?

You mention that cable length will influence the console connections ?


in the picture above the y cable is connected to the sierra device (because it works) the Y cable is about 6 inches long

br1-mini — adapter ---- red cable – y cable works on 1 meter…but not on two meters
br-mini—adatper----red cable – meter works

ls300 —y cable to 2 meters works

y cable tones out correctly


red cable is about 2 feet


I’ve got it now.

Would you please open a support ticket here for us to further investigate ?


when the Mini is directly connected using 232… it will not work… if another device is allowed to convert the ethernet to 232 (in this case we tried a lantronix and a freewave radio) it works… this tells me that there is an issue in the mini #1 not working… #'s 2 & 3 work
and this has happened 3 times this week…



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