Mini 232 with flow boss

We removed a working sierra wireless Raven and replaced it with a MAx-BR1-Mini and a 232 adapter.

all settings (9600 8n1 etc) for 232 match… but we are getting crc errors and the 232 will not work

loop back test works

if raven is reconnected it works

there seems to be an issue between the adapter and the meter

we hooked another ethernet device to the mini with a 232 port going to the meter… 232 worked
we connected a Lantronic terminal server to the lan port of the mini - 232 worked

when i say 232 worked I mean the polling engine could remotely pull data off of the meter …through the mini and the add on device(s)

it will not work however when the mini 232 is directly connected

we are running the newest code (although we are going to try one with 7.0.3s006)

when polling engine is going directly via the mini… there are crc errors and header errors, etc…

@MRW-CRS, do you mind to share the pictures or diagrams of the physical connectivity when (1) it is working and (2) it fails?

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#1 is not working… #'s 2 & 3 work… this tells me that there is a issue with the 232 conversion/connection.
not shown but working is a sierra wireless raven directly connected

@MRW-CRS, I have tried it in my lab and it works when I console into a network device (Cisco ASA firewall), not sure what is the end-device (SCADA metering device?) RS-232 specification.

  1. Our test setup

  2. IP, UART & PuTTy session

  3. Physical connectivity

Could you open a support ticket so we can investigate your case?

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We have also gotten it to work with other devices… But this week alone we have had 4 failures on three different meters (all which use standard 232)

what is the firmware on your mini?

We contacted our reseller and turned on remote management so you guys could look at it… after 5 days… we had to come up with a solution so the gas guys could monitor their meter

@MRW-CRS, can you submit and share the support ticket number so we can take a closer look at the case?

Please provide the serial number of the affected devices and turn on the Remote Assistance, when you submitting the support ticket.

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