2 pepvpn limit

I have two data centers for redundancy, each with a balance 710 (soon to be replaced with balance 2500s). Remote sites have max-br1 with cellular backup.

for most locations the 2 pepvpn limit is not an issue, but I am running into some locations where I really need a third vpn connection. Right now I will have to set those up as ipsec vpn.

I do not want to jump all the way to a 20 VPN capable, $2,000 unit just to have access to 3 or 4 connections. There is a rather large jump from the 2 vpn to the 20 in the product line.

I know that there are good reasons to limit the number of vpn connection. One is available CPU power, the other is for product segmentation. But since my two connections are there for redundancy AND there is only about 800K max of traffic from each remote site, I know the max-br1 could handle more, if it was “allowed to”.

Any chance of adding a license option for the smaller units like the MAX-BR1, similar to that on the 305? i.e. for a couple of hundred Dollars add ability to go to say 5 PEPVPN connections instead of 2? Keep the max limit still low compared to the larger units, but fill in that gap.

John Scully

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Hello John,

I don’t believe this is on our road map yet. I will move this to feature request section for better exposure.

We have a desire to see a simple variation on this.
It would be useful to be able to configure more than two VPNs, even if only two can be active at any given moment.
That would enable much more failover flexibility for the Pepwave without exceeding the existing tunnel limit.


You can do that now - you can add as many profiles as you like, but only two can be active.

I want to raise this request again - we have a few customers that really need three speedfusion tunnels - two for our two data center connections for the IP phones, one for their data center (because we turned them onto Peplink). Now, each of these customers is multiple locations, so this does add up.
What I am requesting is to be able to PURCHASE ability to do a few more pepvpn/speedfusion connections on a max-br1. Not 20…just go from limit of 2 to say 4, for a reasonable cost, perhaps $100.
This allows us to stay with the max-br1, but does not make it vampire sales from larger balance units. And since we are only talking about going to 4 connections cpu/memory resources should not be an issue

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Hi, I raised the same question for the Balance One, as I only need a couple more PEPVPN connections, and not 20, which is cost prohibitive.

But, I suspect my request fell on deaf ears…



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We here you guys loud and clear and will have an option for you as soon as next week!



That’s great news, we appreciate it.
I can’t wait to test out a couple of scenarios we were needing this in.

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Yes, this is one of the best things about Peplink - you listen. May or may not say yes of course, but you do listen.


Agree +1
In our case we would appreciate being able to license a few extra slots for Balance One and MAX Transit units


HI folks, we’ve just officially launched a license that increases your PepVPN limit from 2 to 5!


Thank you Pelink! This hits the second of two important requests I have had fulfilled in the last few days (the “prioritize speedfusion traffic over regular WAN traffic” seems to be working well in testing).

I should be purchasing 3 or 4 of these licenses this week.

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Wonderful job peplink,we really appreciate you listening to us and continuing to implement great features.

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