New Software License - Enable 5 PepVPN Peers

We are launching a new license that increases the number of PepVPN connections from 2 to 5. This alleviates the bottleneck that occurs when both connections are used for headquarters, enabling the device to connect to 3 more remote sites.

This license is available for the latest hardware revisions of the following devices:

Balance: 20, 30 LTE, One
MAX: BR Series
Surf: SOHO MK3

On the Balance One, the license works for both SpeedFusion and PepVPN. For other devices, it works for PepVPN only and does not enable SpeedFusion.

Once you’ve activated the license, simply use InControl’s PepVPN Configurator to build your PepVPN network in a matter of minutes. Head to our online store to stock up now!

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Thanks for doing that, its much needed.

Is this available on the store? I can’t find a link to it? Can you provide a link?



Are you also thinking about doing the same thing for the Balance 305 units?
Say a 10 site license to allow us to step up to the 20 site license down the road if needed?

What about Mediafast200 units

Here is the link to purchase the license from the store:

There is already a 20 peer license available for the 305, no current plans for a 10 peer license.

The MediaFast 200 is not compatible with this license.


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Can we confirm whether this license will change the maximum number of IPsec VPNs, or if it only applies to PepVPN/Speedfusion? We’re thinking the IPsec will remain unchanged but would like confirmation.

Thanks in advance

The license is for PepVPN peer only.

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