2.5 Multigig gigabit switch ports and beyond

I would like to know when 2.5 multigig ports will be coming to the SD Switches. With the release of the new AX switches and even PCs that are now supporting 2.5Gb and 10Gb it would be nice to know when the switches will see this enabled. Any chance of seeing this on the MBX/SDX platform sooner?


This would be extremely beneficial to us, especially on the SD Switches and SDX platform.


I agree with @Daniel_Dean and @PeterWest with the new AX and 2.5G connectivity becoming more common in consumer and business equipment it seems like a natural progression

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We are working on this, there are two plans.

  1. build a 8 port multi-gig switch available as a FlexModule

  2. build a 8-port or 16-port standalone multi-gig switch

What do you guys think?


I love the idea of an 8port 1/2.5/5/10 GbE Flex module. The 8 and 16 port is also very attractive but most enterprise customers are going to be using 24 and 48P switches.


Hi Keith. For our customers, the second alternative would be more attractive but I certainly see @PeterWest’s point.


Just saying, a 4x FlexModule Switch would be pretty awesome…
One switch chassis, and add modules to meet your needs.
Anything from 16x SFP+ ports for an agg switch to 32x 10 GbE ports, and every combination in between. :smiley:


Because mockups are fun!


Hi Keith. I would like to know if the 2x 10G SFP + ports built into the SDX model can be used as LAN ports?

@bortega1, yes, it is software configurable as LAN or WAN.

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I provided some very detailed switch info to our account manager last year, outlining what we (I) want in switches. In short:

Access Switches (24 & 48)

  • 24 & 48 port 1000BaseT with POE+ on all ports. Power wise, 802.3at on all ports is fine, some 802.3bt is great and should be in new switch designs but takeup is low atm. Total power budget of around 500w is fine.
  • 4-6 Fibre Uplinks, minimum SFP28- SFP56 preferred
  • Dual PSU
  • Layer 2 only, no layer 3 requirements (cost wise). Layer 3 features optional/licenced?
  • MC-LAG nice but not essential. 20+ LAGs/LACP’s required.
  • USB port that can monitor & report on UPS status would be highly sought after
  • fitting in a 450mm deep rack would be VERY nice- means switch needs to be ~300mm deep
  • Keeping cost low is very important to enable us to use it in a variety of applications. ~$USD800 rep would be a great spot to hit (with layer3 features more is ok, higher poe budget more ok too (2x models of PSU?)

Access Switches 8 (and possibly 16)

  • 8 or 16 1000BaseT ports with POE (say 150w total power budget… even 100w ok)
  • Doesn’t have to be rack mountable (but if it can be with optional bracket, great. Bonus points if you can get say a balance 20x & 8 port switch side by side in one bracket)
  • Built in PSU, NOT power brick
  • 2x SFP ports (sfp28 would be a+ but likely to hard/expensive)
  • USB port that can monitor & report on UPS status would be highly sought after
  • Powerable by 802.3bt with minimal POE output (ie 20w) would be AWESOME, so you could have say 2x Aps or a camera plus AP connected and all powered by 1 or 2 x 802.3bt ports in a LACP
  • Keeping cost low is very important to enable us to use it in a variety of applications. ~$USD200 rrp for 8 ports would be a great spot to hit

Core Switches

  • 24 & 48 Port SFP28 or SFP56 with 4-8 QSFP28 or better (QSFP56, QSFP-DD) uplinks.
  • Stackable (via QSFP ports)
  • VRF & Layer 3 lite (BGP, OSPF)
  • Dual hot swappable PSU
  • Fans should be hot swappable and software configurable for front-to-back and back-to-front airflow (or change fans is ok, like most vendors, but software changeable would be better)
  • USB Port for UPS monitoring/reporting would again be great
  • 4x 1000BaseT (or 10GbaseT) ports with POE on the back would be fantastic (we can do SFP to RJ45 but no POE…)
  • <$USD10,000 would be great for 48 ports. Fine if L3 features are licenced extra.

any movement on switches?

As well as my above-mentioned “high end” models, I would love to see some cheaper single PSU units to compete with Aruba Instant On. They are killing it at the moment in Australia.

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Friendly bump for a switch update. :slight_smile:


I’d love to know if there are switches that support 2.5G are coming. Not feasible to use SFP+ for each WAP, and no easy way to add POE.

three years since the start of this thread. Maybe this will earn a peplink reply?

Yeah, that’d be awesome. The ax AP’s have support for 2.5 GBe but AFAIK, that’s about it. With ATT offering 5Gbps connections fairly inexpensively, Comcast offering 1.2 Gbps and higher in some areas, it’s sad that pretty much every port in the Peplink line is 1 gig.
You can pick up 5-8 port fanless PoE switches for next to nothing, so the hardware is there. Maybe this means Peplink is revamping their line to support 10G to get ahead for once. We can hope

That would be awesome. Maybe if we get enough people asking or replying…

Give us a few days to sync up with the product team and we will provide some design updates. :slight_smile:


Keith, you’re the best. I am sure you’d have willing volunteers to consult with. Me included. Matt

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I have posted a few things over the last year about switches- very keen to see more info

@mjellybaby @bryn.loftus @johnsand @JasonHilton
Hello everyone, you can continue our discussion by visiting the forum post at the following link. Peplink | Pepwave - Forum
The specifications for our new 48 port switch have been posted there.