Introducing the New AP One AX! (Public Announcement)

Introducing the next-generation AP One AX! It’s equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 featuring 45% more speed, 4x more device capacity, and less power consumption for connected devices. It also supports 802.11k, v, and r for seamless roaming.

The AP One AX comes with the features that you expect from AP One series: single-pane-of glass InControl management, customizable captive portal, and seamless integration with the Peplink ecosystem.

The AP One AX is available now. Learn all about it on the webpage and let us know what you think in the forum!

See Webpage


So is the AX replacing the AP One E at the same price point?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your interest in AP One series. You may ask your certified reseller for pricing or go to Amazon to check out the prices.

Looks like this is pictured in horizontal mounting on a ceiling. Would this work mounted on a wall, or would the antenna distribution be all wrong? Are there similar AX models coming soon in the other case styles, such as outdoor mounting?

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The 2.5 gigabit ethernet is a nice jump up - but what are some recommended devices to use upstream that support this?

Does Peplink have any other 2.5G products yet?

Are there any issues combining POE power and 2.5 gigabit performance?

  • Chris
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@Technomadia, you may refer the post below.


Website and data sheet are both showing that it has 1x 2.5 Multigigabit Ethernet port. Does it also negotiate 10/100/1000 speed link?? or it is just a 2.5 Multigigabit speed?

@Edgardo, yes, it is able to negotiate the ordinary Ethernet port speed (10/100/1000Mbps) and get connected at the negotiated speed.


Thank you @WeiMing

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Is the exciting new AP One AX using a chipset like the Qualcom ath9k or ath10k, or mediatek MT76 which incorporates “Wireless Quality of Service (QoS) by providing an Airtime Fairness (ATF) based Active Queue Management (AQM) layer that enforces queue limit in airtime, reducing overall packet delivery latency and significantly mitigating bufferbloat in wireless interface”?

This seems to be more and more commonly a part of new access points and routers as support has become available in different chipsets. Here is a technical article from Google on their implementation:

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I like to know as well… I am in analysis paralysis right now… debating between 1 or AP minis… or going with one higher powered AP like the AX or AP Enterprise…

I want to wall mount on a central interior wall on ground floor, to provide coverage to 2nd floor and basement… I suspect wall mounting this should be fine, since if designed for ceiling mount, means provides good coverage to sides and below.

I just noticed this in our SDX’s web admin page:

The dataseheet doesn’t mention 2.5 GE LAN ports… Is it a WA bug or hidden hardware feature? :slight_smile:


@JakubN, SDX supports 1GE copper port only at the moment. I do agree 2.5GE in support.cgi page is a bit misleading. It is showing due to some future development.

Hope this clears your doubts.


Definitely build a 16-port standalone multi-gig switch with PoE on all ports.