2.5 Multigig gigabit switch ports and beyond

I would like to know when 2.5 multigig ports will be coming to the SD Switches. With the release of the new AX switches and even PCs that are now supporting 2.5Gb and 10Gb it would be nice to know when the switches will see this enabled. Any chance of seeing this on the MBX/SDX platform sooner?


This would be extremely beneficial to us, especially on the SD Switches and SDX platform.


I agree with @Daniel_Dean and @PeterWest with the new AX and 2.5G connectivity becoming more common in consumer and business equipment it seems like a natural progression

We are working on this, there are two plans.

  1. build a 8 port multi-gig switch available as a FlexModule

  2. build a 8-port or 16-port standalone multi-gig switch

What do you guys think?

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I love the idea of an 8port 1/2.5/5/10 GbE Flex module. The 8 and 16 port is also very attractive but most enterprise customers are going to be using 24 and 48P switches.


Hi Keith. For our customers, the second alternative would be more attractive but I certainly see @PeterWest’s point.

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