2.4 ghz Wi-Fi Connections to SOHO MK3 keep getting dropped

I have been having a lot of problems getting the wireless AP features of the Surf SOHO MK3 working correctly. I have multiple SSIDs setup (some 2.4ghz band only, some 5ghz band only, and some mixed).

Two of my devices (a Windows 10 laptop and an IP camera, both of which only support 2.4ghz) keep dropping their Wi-Fi connection to the SOHO and have trouble re-connecting. (But another 2.4ghz only IP camera does not appear to have any trouble maintaining its connection.) For example, on a laptop sitting about 16 feet direct line of site from the SOHO, the laptop keeps losing its Wi-Fi connection to the SOHO. Then, when scanning for available networks, the SSID to which the laptop had been connected does not show up in the list (although other SSIDs on the SOHO do show up). After several re-scans, the original SSID shows up again and the laptop is able to re-connect. Both devices had no trouble maintaining a Wi-Fi connection to the old AP (same house, same device placements) that the SOHO is replacing.

I have not observed the connection problems with my laptop that connects to a 5ghz SSID on the SOHO.

Any ideas how to fix this? Is this a hardware defect?


Try to use a fixed channel for the SSID. If this helps, upgrade to latest 8.0.2 firmware where i believe this issue is resolved and you can set to ‘auto’ channel selection again.


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I’ve been able to maintain connections over 2.4Ghz better when setting a fixed channel (6). Wi-Fi analysis indicates that some neighbors are using channel 1 consistently and I intermittently pick up weak signals on channels 11 and 4.

Given the following graph of local Wi-Fi signals (blue strong signal is my SOHO), is 6 probably the best channel or would 11 be better? Should I keep channel width set to 20 or should I set it to 20/40?

I updated the firmware to 8.0.2 and rebooted, and now all of my 2.4Ghz clients have maintained strong connections for the past few days. I don’t know whether it was a problem with the firmware or just rebooting, but everything seems to be working fine now.

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