150KM range at sea

Hello team, in the new Peplink website it mentions LTE connectivity range at a staggering 150KM out at sea for the MBX

I have seen competitors state a range of 85KM and 90KM for LTE connectivity. This is great news and I understand various factors such as antenna, cable, weather etc that can affect the range but can this be backed up as a case study so I can quote that range to any potential customer?

Hi @DominicS
This is an error and should be 85-90Km.
I’m looking into where this number came from but think it could be to do with converting between Miles and Km getting confused


We have removed the reference to 150km offshore as it was an error.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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@Sam_Norris you’re welcome. It would be good to get a confirmed distance so that any competitor doesn’t capitalise on the range that their equipment is better.

Distance is a hard one as there are many factors that can affect the end result; location, antennas, coaxial cables, SIM cards/carrier etc.
I personally have seen MBX’s connected at 90km offshore of Greece, Italy and Norway.

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You left out the most important factor and that is the height of antennas on each end. Checkout this post I did and keep in mind the cell tower was at 2,000 ft and above our height:

I agree that cell tower and router’s antennas height above sea level do have a massive impact but I consider it to fall under the location category

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OK, so what is the range with both the cell tower and device at “sea level”?