12v POE for Starlink Gen 3 & MAX BR1 Pro 5G

I have a MAX BR1 Pro 5G in my RV w/ 12v power system. I am going to add Starlink Gen 3. It is my understanding there is a way to have the Starlink Gen 3 antenna go directly to the MAX BR1 Pro 5G WAN port and not use the Starlink router. Is that correct? Has anyone made a POE device to power the Starlink off a 12v system?

You are right. You can connected your BR1 Pro 5G WAN to a POE injector that the gen 3 plugs into and you don’t need their included router.

Two main brands for the POE YAOSHENG https://www.aliexpress.com/i/1005006454180029.html

In both cases the POE requires 48 V DC nominal, so you need a 12V to 56V (or 48V) boost voltage regulator to power the injector.


I used these instructions for the Gen 2, the power demand is the same for a Gen 3 as I understand it. Put Dishy into bypass mode and you’re good to go.

Keep in mind also that while you’ll get an IPv6 assignment from Starlink, so far the Peplink support for IPv6 is pretty abysmal and so you may need to disable dual-stack on your router. I was getting a ton of packet loss with IPv6 and v4 enabled simultaneously, as described here Periods of packet loss when running dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6

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The problem with IPv6 is that starlink changed their ethernet MAC handling code back in mid April 2024… with the software release 6fd45cff-4f03-4efc-8c24-26caaac9663c.uterm_manifest.release.

The newer software only wants to support a single client MAC address on the ethernet cable. the standard way that peplink routers handle ipv6 is to allow the ethernet MAC addresses pass through from the LAN to the WAN network. Triggering the packet loss… you will see that when IPv6 is working IPv4 stops…and vice versa.

From a support ticket:
"Having more than 1 L3 devices behind the UT is currently unsupported, I apologize for any inconvenience. We put some measures in place to work around this for you, but I cannot guarantee this will work indefinitely. "

Now, I would not run a Peplink system in ipv6 passthrough since you receive no ipv6 security from peplink. I use a PFSense router to handle the v6 traffic, and peplink for the v4.

That workaround is still in place on my account, so I still have three MAC addresses on my starlink WAN side and it has worked since, you might be able to request a similar update.
I also have a V2 starlink that was failing in bypass mode and after some deep debugging with a network switch span/mirror we found that DHCP packets were leaking from one of the WLAN Vlans onto the WAN, causing a second MAC address to be seen by starlink’s terminal and triggering this new behavior as well.

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What’s the use case to put starlink in ipv6 passthru mode?

I think what he’s saying is that the Peplink firmware doesn’t actively manage or firewall the IPv6 traffic, it just assigns addresses and passes through the traffic.