Zing modem DMZ mode to surf-soho

modem is netgear zing from sprint, netgear model is aircard 771s
pepwave surf-soho model sus-soho rev 6.2.0s007 build 1590

is it possible to use DMZ mode on zing modem to pass public IP to the wan ip address?

so that the public ip address is on the surf-soho wan port ?

surf-soho uses wi-fi as wan to reach the zing modem.
tethering by usb does not work with rev 6.2…

thanks in advance


Please check with your provider whether this is supported by this modem. Normally we called this as bridge mode.

Please upgrade Surf Soho to latest firmware version. If this doesn’t help, please open ticket for us to check further. Possible driver is needed for this model.

Thank you.