Youtube outbound policy


I’m trying to route all youtube video traffic over a specific connection. However I’m getting the error “Invalid Destination Domain Name” when I enter the domain * into the destination domain name field. The documentation suggests this should be possible. What could be the problem here?


The documentation states that when a domain name, such as, is entered, any outgoing accesses to and will match this criterion. You may enter a wildcard (.) at the end of a domain name to match any host with a name having the domain name in the middle. If you enter foobar.*, for example,,, or will also match. Placing wildcards in any other position is not supported.

I must have misread the documentation, thanks for the clarification. So once I have the rules setup is there a way to test them so I can see the traffic being routed over the correct connection?

You can view the outbound sessions under: Status> Active Sessions.