Your Opinion Needed on the Development of Rugged Switches

With two rugged switches currently available (1) SD Switch 8-Port Rugged (2) SD Switch 16-Port Rugged, we wanted to inquire about your preference for the switch you would like to go with.

Are there any specific requirements or circumstances that would influence your choice?

Additionally, please let us know if you would like to have both options or just one in the future, and share any other thoughts you may have.

We want to make sure we provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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Currently, I only prefer a SD Switch 24-port rugged and none of the two switches suggested.
Reason is, that we finally figured out, that there seems to be a POE-port hardware incompatibility issue of the SD-Switches 8 and 16 with Intel Ethernet NICs equipped with ASUS LANGuard (Anti-surge LAN Guard).
For information about Asus Lan Guard see this LINK: Asus ROG LAN Guard
The 24 port chip has more separated GND_POE than the 8 and 16 port one.


Hello @charliet,
Is an inevitable supply chain issue apparent in the chipsets for the switches?

We like both, though it would be good if:

  • the 8 Port was able to fit into the same fixtures as the 16 port
  • the 16 Port came with brackets like the 8 Port for 1RU mounting
  • that Ethernet Port 16 and the SPF Port 1 can be used at the same time on the 16 Port Switch (this can be sorted in the next firmware release)
  • the management, console & USB ports are added to the 16 Port or removed these options from the 8 Port switch.
  • all ports on all switches could do PoE++
  • can keep the power supplies the same interchangeable models between all rugged versions (and the MBX range)
  • they were all lighter
  • they were more price competitive (offer a PrimeCare version)

Remember you also have the 24-Port rugged model ( ).

Additional support for the various port authentication and lockout standards and other industry authentication standards is required for all models.

We would like to see these tested and rated between -40 to +85 Degrees Celsius in the future as ruggedised; make sure to keep the existing DC connector, the change on the new routers to the 4 Pin Molex is a nuance for switchboard and custom integrations.

Also, support for “WAN Analysis” within the switch in the next firmware release would be beneficial.

PLEASE GET ALL NEW MODELS RCM’d (to AU/NS certification/standards) for our region while doing all the other global certifications before releasing them to partners and the market.

Finally, PLEASE ensure you get power supplies next time that will pass the test labs; as we found out, the power supplies currently supplied by Peplink fail compliance testing when put under full load, as experienced on the 24 Port Rugged due to the power supplies overheating beyond acceptable standards (yet they passed on an MBX when not under full load).

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Nice thanks marcus!
I’d like to add on the 8 and 16 to be able to reuse the mgmt port as an upink instead.
Sometime we just need one extra port, and it drives us crazy that it’s not available.

Also I wanted to add that there should be a couple of lines of switches L2 vs L3 and different price points. I often install unifi switches because they are readility available and at a cheaper pricepoint.

I’d also like switches to be able to be managed via the upstream router just like we do with the AP controller.


PoE++, for sure
At least 2.5GbE on each port
Full management that integrates with routers and AP’s


Hi @charliet ,

Did you not mention 24P Rugged Switch on purpose?
I agree that the SD Switch family could be a bit cheaper. That would allow us to replace 3rd party vendors in many networks where Balance routers and AP Ones are used.

We had a lot of requests for a better overview on LAN ports in the support.cgi section. If we want to compete with other vendors we need more information on Ethernet details: errors, dropped packets etc.

From the positives, our Customers value their ruggedness and ease of use with IC2. It’s a great product for maritime and vehicles!


I agree with mldowling, but specifically:

  • All ports should have POE
  • 8 & 16 port should both fit in the same mounting bracket (half-rack width)

and in addition:

  • The ability to monitor standard HID driver based UPS systems and alert on battery/mains status into Incontrol2.

More generally on the switch front… I would love to see, in time, three switch lines from Peplink:

  1. SOHO line. Think “designed to go with Balance 20x”. 4 models, with no local console, USB etc.
  • 4 port POE in (4x 1Gb RJ45, 1 does POE in, 3 do POE out)
  • 8 port (8x 1Gb RJ45, all with .at 30w POE out, 2x 1Gb SFP, single PSU)
  • 24 port (24x 1Gb RJ45, all with .at 30w POE out, 2x 10Gb SFP, single PSU)
  • 48 port (48x 1Gb RJ45, all with .at 30w POE out, 2 or 4x 10Gb SFP, single PSU)
  1. Rugged line (passive, plenum rated, dust sealed, wide temperature, 802.1x)
  • 5 port POE in (4x 1Gb RJ45, 2 do 60w POE in, 3 do POE out, plenum rated, shuttered RJ45 ports)
  • 8 port (6x 1Gb RJ45 30w POE out, 2x 2.5Gb with 60w POE out, 2x 1Gb SFP, dual PSU, GPIO, shuttered RJ45 ports)
  • 16 port (12x 1Gb RJ45 30w POE out, 4x 2.5Gb with 60w POE out, 2x 1Gb SFP, dual PSU, GPIO, shuttered RJ45 ports)
  • 24 port (16x 1Gb RJ45 30w POE out, 8x 2.5Gb with 60w POE out, 2x 10/25Gb SFP, dual PSU, GPIO, shuttered RJ45 ports)
  1. Enterprise line (mostly multi-GB ports ie 1/2.5/5/10Gb baseT, can be a mix of speeds and 30/60w POE if required, 802.1x)
  • 16 port (16x 1/2.5Gb or 1/2.5/5gb with 60w POE out, 2x 25Gb SFP, dual PSU, USB UPS monitoring, MLAG)
  • 24 port (24x 1/2.5Gb or 1/2.5/5gb with 60w POE out, 4x 25Gb SFP, dual PSU, USB UPS monitoring, MLAG)
  • 48 port (48x 1/2.5Gb or 1/2.5/5gb with 60w POE out, 4x 25Gb SFP, dual PSU, USB UPS monitoring, MLAG)
  • Fibre switch (24 or 48x SFP28 supporting 1/10/25gb + 6-8x QSFP28 100G ports, dual hot swappable PSU, selectable fan direction, MLAG minimum but prefer stacking, ideally L3 + VXLAN but that could be licensed ad on)

Broadcom based would do all that based on common chipsets (roboswitch, BCM56080, BCM5316X, elkhound or trident 3/4).

Big ask, but it would be an incredible comprehensive yet fairly compact (12 devices, but less than 12 SOC models) range.


I’d like to see an 8 port in the same packaging as the BR1 Pro 5G or BR2 Pro, with flange for mounting and heat sink, single layer of RJ45 connectors. 10Gbps would be very interesting, with 1/2.5/5/10 capability on copper. PoE with it would be a plus, to drive Pepwave access points.


PS: The Rack available and the brackets should fit together, so that I can add two of these devices into one 1U rack.
Please also consider to make this rack useable for the switches and (!) the balance two. It’s not working to put a BTwo and a 8 or 16 port switch in the same rack due to millimeters… so sad!

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I would like to see a modular switch, with about 3 slots for RJ45 and/or 2/4 GBICs. Than everybody could design the switch for their requirements.


i know this isn’t really Peplink‘s Target market, but as a home user I wish they were more affordable!

16 or 24 ports with POE rack mount under $1000 CDN.



We have a few of the SD-switches deployed, 8, 16 and 24 versions. We chose the rugged version for all deployments because it was fan-less and the deployments were all in areas where noise was a factor.

Since we employ all three (8, 16, 24) versions and found the distinctions significant I would hate to see any of them go. If I had to chose one to leave out it would be the 16-port one.

However, our experience is rather limited and probably has very limited bearing on the overall market analysis.




Hello @charliet ,
With the SD-Switch range, these have not had any firmware updates for a long time; one requirement many partners have been chasing is 802.11x ( such as this Peplink Partner thread awaiting a Peplink response Peplink | Pepwave - Forum ).
Before any new hardware development, when can we all expect some firmware development/evolution with the Peplink SD-Switch range?
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

For SD Switch Series, 802.1x is supported.

  1. Enable Radius Settings for the 802.1x Authentication (Policy from Radius Server)

  2. Port based Authentication


Hello @sitloongs,
Thanks for sharing this guide on how to do this from within the SD Switch.
Have you a guide you can share on how to do this from InControl2?
Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I’d like to see a switch (6-8 port) that works seamlessly with the new Peplink B-One router, and be able to handle VLANs. The B-One router is $299, so a switch should probably be priced less than that.

@charliet : Perhaps you can provide an update regarding progress on the new line of switches? Or, maybe as a starting point I should ask if new switches are in development? - Rick

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We are working on a series of mGig switches. They will be available later in the year.

The rugged Switches are not going away, especially the 24 port PoE one. We understand the fanless design is pretty valuable for applications that noise is a concern.


How many ports will the smallest mGig switch have, if you know?