Your API wishes

Let me start this thread for discussing your wishes on Peplink/Pepwave API.

FYI, in around April, the InControl 2 will start to provide some RESTful APIs for retrieving a device’s details, status, WANs’ status, and also SpeedFusion status.

If you need more than that, please post the following information about your wish:

  1. the background and the high level goal;
  2. ideally, what services should the API provide?
  3. in less ideal case, what should the API at least provide?
  4. any preference on who should provide the API? Device firmware? IC2? Or no preference?


Well, a prospect of mine questioned me about Firewall Management. He has 70 branches and he needs to manage the firewall rules of all devices. If we have an API to manipulate the firewall rules I can create a WebApplication to Manage these rules but It will be nice if we have this feature on IC2.
I believe that Device Firmware has to provide the API.
JSON/XML will be nice.

Hi wfigueiredo,

Are the firewall rules of the 70 branches the same? Or a few groups of them share exactly the same firewall rules? Or they are very much different and your WebApplication will need to tailor the rules for each device?

Well, they need to manage all firewalls individually from a central console. All firewalls can have a company’s default policy but they need to get able to change one single rule in a specific firewall if they want.

We will reference your input in the coming API design. Thanks!

FYI, we are going to release a new feature which shall be useful to you. In a device’s details page, you can open the device’s web admin page right on the IC2. It will work even if the device is behind a firewall! Also you will not be asked to type the device’s password (because it is hard to recall each of their password if there are 10s or 100s of devices). Stay tuned.

The InControl 2 RESTful API will be released for early beta testing next week. In this release, getting device list, device details and live/historical GPS location data will also be available. Authentication will be based on OAuth 1.0 and 2.0.

If you want to test the API and are willing to give us your valuable comments, please write me an email ([email protected]) with the subject “I want to be an API tester”. I will let you know as soon as it is released.


Will the API be able to retrieve all uptime, events, statuses and especially status and traffic history for each peer?