yagi antenna direction for dual antenna setup

I have 2 15dbi Yagi antennas pointing South to a US Cellular tower 10 miles away with couple of low mountain ridges in between… Previous discussion on it here: Antenna recommendation - #9 by Rick-DC
Not sure if I have line of sight to it, but it works with leaves down.
I recently discovered I have a different tower (TMoblie) of a different provider I can utilize that is a lot closer (about 3 miles east), and with minimal trees in between my roof top and the mountain top.
I have started using that provider, w/o yet repointing the antenna, the signal is not great, but not hottible(-80dBm to -100dBm roughly)… quick speed test should 3M/1.5M… so usable.

LTE Band 12 (700 MHz) RSSI: -83dBm SINR: 5.6dB RSRP: -114dBm RSRQ: -12.0dB
Secondary Band (SSC1)
LTE Band 4 (AWS 1700/2100 MHz) RSSI: -105dBm SINR: -8.0dB RSRP: -137dBm

I do not really enjoy climbing the roof for antenna work.
Is there any major drawback of pointing each Yagi into different direction.
Or should I just give up on the 10mi away router (US Cellular), and focus my synergies on the one close by (Tmobile)
This is still my secondary/backup connection (primary being a rural DSL)
They’re both connected to PepLink Max BR1 Mini.
I am pretty sure once I repoint the Yagi I will have very good signal.

Nevermind, US Cellular put a tower on same mountain. Getting 7/4Mbps now
LTE Band 2 (1900 MHz) RSSI: -88dBm SINR: 4.6dB RSRP: -120dBm RSRQ: -12.0dB
Secondary Band (SSC1)
LTE Band 12 (700 MHz) RSSI: -85dBm SINR: 0.0dB RSRP: -104dBm RSRQ: -10.0dB