Xbox One Settings - Xbox is hiding behind a port symmetric NAT

Hi everyone,

I cancelled my ADSL at home as it was sooo slow (1Mbps) and have installed a Pepwave MAX BR1 router, works like a dream (50Mbps!) except one thing… my XBOX one is showing strict NAT settings :frowning:

I have tried everything from port forwarding to changing firewall rules and cannot get the settings from strict. When I run tests on my XBOX it comes back with “Xbox is hiding behind a port symmetric NAT”. I have the xbox connected directly to the BR1 router and whatever I try, the NAT is always strict on the XBOX and should be open.

I have set a static IP on the XBOX and setup all the correct port forwarding (or so I think…) can someone send me an idiots guide?

When I connect the XBOX wirelessly to my iPhone, works like a dream so I know its not the SIM card or 4G/LTE related?

I am pulling my hair out with this :frowning: Someone help.

P.S. Porn is much better though the 4G/LTE connection, every cloud and all that but I need my XBOX working!!!



Have you tried it with the default firewall rules of “Allow All”? You may also need to enable UPnP and NAT-PMP as well.

Hi Tim,

Yes I have. Its very easy to google the Xbox ONE ports which need forwarding for online gaming, can you tell me exactly where I am supposed to fill these in? I will reset the router back to default configuration and try them again :frowning:


Are you using Verizon? Verizon operates their 4G LTE network behind NAT – there is no way (read below) to open or forward any ports unless you purchase a static external IP address from Verizon at the cost of $500.

… There is a way, but it involves an elaborate VPN tunnel set up to forward requests through a middleman to get around Verizon’s NAT. See this blog for detailed information: My Verizon 4G LTE Rural Internet Setup -

Hello Xerxes,

Thanks for the reply but negative, I use Vodafone in Europe and I like I mentioned, when I tether my XBOX to my phone using the same SIM, it works fine so I dont think its that problem.

Is anyone using there Pepewave for gaming? Xbox or PS4? :frowning:



Please open a support ticket here for the team to check further.

Please provide the diagnostic report with packet capture logs from the BR1 for the team to further diagnose the reported issue.

For more information, please refer to the URL below:

Thank You