X20 Cell works, cold WAN back up not working

I’ve got two peplinks with Fusion working. One of the pep’s (which is is usually remote) is running with a verizon sim and it talks to the other pep via fusion (which lives in my garage and gets the public IP ) just fine.

In this current scenario I have both units in the garage. I wanted to test the WAN on the Remote unit for a backup connection. The remote pep is plugged into the garage pep LAN. Now, when i’m on the road and using the verizon sim but the client is able to give me a WAN connection for back up, what should the IP be or what am I missing?

The Speedfusion connection does not work when I turn off the Cell…

I’m a noob obviously but really am loving thee products. Thanks!

Although you could get this to work using a lan IP… there isn’t much point, it doesn’t completely test your remote scenario.

I’m not sure you can tunnel from the LAN side.

For an ersatz test, you can put a USB->ethernet dongle as a second wired wan. Connect the two devices via that network, and then add the IP address of the garage USB WAN#2 in the Pepvpn config.

I would just go over to a friendly neighbor and plug your second unit’s WAN onto their network, let it get a DHCP address and allow both WAN’s to connect to your garage unit.

Then disable each wan and see how the failover and bonding works.

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