WPA3 - Enhanced Open Feature

Dear Team,

I would open a topic for a partner that already opened a ticket on your support portal, asking some details for the new WPA3 OWE mode.
In specific, we are aware about the fact that actually in release 8.1.0, the only two authentication methods that support WPA3 are with PSK or using Radius.
Since this parter has lots of his customers that keep him under pressure for a follow up of this request, we would know some details about:

  • if this feature is planned to be implemented in the future
  • if yes, if ther’s an idea when this release could be available
  • if ther’s eventually an ETA FW that can be shared to our parter

The problem is that these customers seems want to migrate to this technology in shortest time possible and our parter shared us the fact that if we are not able to provide this option in “short”, it is possible that they’ll migrate their infrastructures with other brands and we absolutely want to avoid this situation.
Looking forward for a your feedback, I wish you have a nice rest of the day.
Kind regards

Hi mtupputi,

here’s a screenshot of the new Peplink AP One AX