Would like to share a recent experience: Very Satisfied with the Peplink Team and Peplink & Pepwave Products

I hope everyone reads this,

I am the happy owner of a Balance 30, first generation, which still works, 8 years after purchasing it.
I was the happy owner of a Balance 30, second generation, which worked perfectly for 7 years until lightning killed it, unfortunately.
I have a Balance One that died recently due to lightning again, lasted three days, very sad.
Peplink replaced it with a Balance 210. Unfortunately, during shipping and not Peplink’s fault, the unit apparently was thrown around too much and a part inside became non-functional. Again, not Peplink’s fault.
Peplink replaces the Balance 210 with another one. This one is perfect and gives green light right away.

The pep is the most robust router out there, over any other brand. I have never, and I mean never had to reboot my Peps due to lock-ups, hangs, etc.

This is the email I sent to the Peplink team:


I just received the replacement Balance 210 today. This one gave a green light right away. I also noticed it was better packed and wrapped than the previous one. Thank you guys for that.

The previous (damaged) Balance 210 is working fine after lots of hours of figuring out how to make the sd card stick to the damaged slot on the bottom of the PCB. So I guess I have two now.

I must express that after much frustration, which wasn’t really your fault, I am very happy with the Balance 210. It boots up very very fast, the gigabit ports are excellent, the router dashboard is awesome, the AP controller is amazing, and it doesn’t even get hot whatsoever.

I insisted and sent several emails to you guys because I honestly don’t trust any other router out there and I fell in love with Peplink 8 years ago when I purchased my original Balance 30 (first generation), then I purchased the second generation Balance 30, then the Balance One, and now I have two Balance 210, that makes 5 Peps so far, oh and the PepWave AP One AC Mini, which is a little monster. Then, I recommended Peplink to our translation company in Kansas, then to the CEO and to the partners, then to my father and to some friends, owners of call centers in the Dominican Republic. They all report being very happy with their Balance Routers.

I will continue to promote Peplink routers to friends, family, business associates, partners, etc, as a way of saying “thank you” for what you guys did for me in the difficult situations I encountered a couple of weeks ago.

I would like for you to please share this email with everyone that helped me out in this process. You guys have made a friend here in Panama. I will be taking the Pep certification very soon, I hope I pass and, as I wrote above, I will continue to highly recommend Peplink over anything else. I do the installations for my friends sometimes.

Warm regards from Panama!


So there you have it, a very satisfied customer! I will be opening another business soon if all goes well. Guess which router I’m going to use?..