Wlan doesnt accept new clients when wifi to wan is searching

I have a pepwave MAx BR1 with firmware 6.1.0 build 1510 with a nasty issue.
Prio1 is wifi2wan , prio2 is cellular. When the pepwave is searching for networks, it doesnt accept any wlan clients. Even when there is a cellular connection, it isnt accepting
any wlan devices to connect ( so i also can’t checkbox wifiwan off )

Is there any solution for this ? Since it is in a truck driving, and the driver doesnt know anything about it, it would be a nice option to remotely
turn it off with Incontrol but i cant find the option there.

It would have been nice to approach config page of the device over the wan created by the cellular, but this isnt working also.

Any suggestions?

Please open a support ticket on our site and we will take a look at this:

With the upcoming 6.1.2 firmware you will be able to access the device’s web admin over cellular WAN via InControl2.