WLAN controller feature request

Would it be possible to put some kind of stagger in the channel scan daily? Some devices don’t seem to like it when channels change on all 3 access points at the same time.

I am having issues with my exchange active sync for emails. These are critical to my support role at a hospital. I haven’t done much analysis yet, but this is my theory for now. Is there any granularity for this feature?

Hi jmjones,

If your APs are placed not far away from each other, they should not change channels at the same time.
You can check if there are any channel update in the controller event log.


I may have something else going on - and could also be something in the iPhone software itself causing this mail client to crap out.

I did notice that the Channel change events are not sent to remote syslog server (at least I haven’t found any yet). I have one syslog server that accepts all data and then I have several syslog instances that only accept subsets of messages. I can’t find these messages in the “catch all” bucket.

You are right, not all AP controller events are included in remote syslog message list in firmware 7.0.0.
We will review the remote syslog message list for AP controller in the 7.0.1.

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