With PepVPN - Restrict LAN-A's WANs to specific use via LAN-B based on IP or Port

No luck searching existing Posts for help on following.

Two LANs connected by PepVPN using Balance One routers.
LAN-A has WAN-1 (satellite) and Mobile-WAN (cellular)
LAN-B only has WAN-1 (cable)

Would like to setup it up to where access from LAN-B of a:

  • particular IP address ( on LAN-A uses WAN-1 (satellite) to go across PepVPN
  • particular IP address ( on LAN-A uses Mobile-WAN (cellular) to go across PepVPN

Option would be particular Port on LAN-A sending traffic over WAN-1 vs. Mobile-WAN to LAN-B via PepVPN.

Outbound Policy rules involving WANs-1 Mobile-WAN does not look like it would work, being traffic goes over PepVPN from LAN-A to LAN-B.
Perhaps Outbound Policy rules, despite traffic going over PepVPN can still be used to restrict traffic to particular WAN?


Look like you a looking at outbound policy for SpeedFusion traffics. Tentatively this is the scheduled feature for firmware version 6.4.0.

Please stay tuned.

Thank you

Not trying to do “SpeedFusion”.

A Case of Remote User being able to pick WAN-1 Satellite (slow and cheap) access vs. Mobile-WAN (fast and expensive) to access Device on LAN-A from LAN-B across established PepVPN by selecting between IP address of vs.

As an alternative.
Is there a way to setup two separate PepVPN connections between Balance One of LAN-A and LAN-B as follows:
LAN-A WAN-1 (satellite) <– VPN #1 –> WAN-1 (cable) LAN-B
LAN-A Mobile-WAN (cellular) <– VPN #2 –> WAN-1 (cable) LAN-B

When I tried to setup second VPN between Balance One of LAN-A and LAN-B, Balance One rejected setup because Remote ID was already being used by first VPN.

PepVPN tunnel is similar with SpeedFusion tunnel. The different between both tunnels is PepVPN doesn’t have the bonding capability. Hence, PepVPN only runs on top of 1 WAN link at a time. Your requirement is splitting 2 sources into different WAN links. This can’t be achieved with PepVPN. This is reason Sit Loong is talking on SpeedFusion tunnel. As mentioned Sit Loong, we do have the roadmap for your requirement (Outbound Policy within SpeedFusion tunnel) on SpeedFusion tunnel.

You only can establish 1 PepVPN tunnel between 2 boxes.

Hope this help.

Thank you. I now know it can’t be done and isn’t a case of me missing how it could be done.