WIth our config, is InControl worth setting up

We’ve got a PepWave Max BR1 MK2 configured with a WeBoost on our sailboat. Does InControl really add any value beyond the admin site on the acttual PepWave?

I know I can manage on my phone, but it’s use seems more fleet, larger scale than what we need.



Hi - welcome to the forum.
InControl is great for answering the ‘what the hell happened’ questions, as it has a historic record of how data has been used by what. It is also really powerful for remote admin and support of course.

Aside from that, yes you have fleet management, but GPS is not just for location its also for understanding location against cellular levels. IC2 can also built complex SaaS rules for outbound polices that you can’t do locally.

If you don’t need any of that then you don’t need IC2. You can still control the BR1 directly with the router utility on your smartphone.

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Martin, thanks for the response! I’ll continue playing w/ the admin and if it appears that I need the IC2, I’ll just go ahead and set it up.

sv Fuzzy Logic


You can also get alerts and perform actions based on geofence with ic2.

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